PowerPrep is recognized as the most successful test preparation program on Long Island.  More than half of our students are referred to us by guidance counselors and satisfied clients or are the younger siblings of former students. 


Why PowerPrep's SAT & ACT prep courses are so valuable

The average increase in scores nationally for all juniors from their PSAT to their SAT is only 34 points, and more than one-third of students have decreases.  For seniors retaking their SAT’s, the situation is even worse—the average increase in scores is less than 30 points.  Yet PowerPrep students increase their scores by more than 200 points on average—and many have increases of over 300 points!  Also, on average, our ACT students increase their scores by over 5 points.  PowerPrep’s courses for SAT Subject Tests are just as effective as its SAT and ACT courses, and last year more than half of the students enrolled in our courses for SAT Subject Tests scored between 700 and 800! 

The main reason PowerPrep students achieve such remarkable success is the quality of our instruction.  All PowerPrep instructors, who have an average of nearly 20 years’ experience in test preparation, have been personally trained by Dr. Ira Wolf, PowerPrep's founder and the author of the best selling test prep book of all time: Barron's SAT.

Why You Should Take a PowerPrep SAT or ACT Course

✦  The entire program and every aspect of each course is supervised by Dr. Ira Wolf. 

✦  PowerPrep’s teachers are all experts in test preparation.

✦  Students learn all the test-taking strategies unique to each test. 

✦  You deserve to be taught by test-prep professionals — not by high school teachers who may know their subject matter but don’t know all the important test-taking strategies, and certainly not by college students.

✦  On average, our students' scores on the SAT are more than 200 points higher than their PSAT scores and their ACT scores improve by an average of more than 5 points.  Of course, our students' success is a direct result of PowerPrep's unique curriculum and outstanding instruction.



Dr. Wolf, PowerPrep's founder and a nationally-known expert in test preparation, lectures extensively about the PSAT, SAT, and ACT and is often interviewed on radio and television.  Dr. Wolf, who for over 35 years has helped thousands of students reach their SAT potential, is the author of several books, including the Barron’s bestselling books for the SAT, PSAT, and SAT Subject Test: Math Level 1.  Dr. Wolf’s SAT book is the official text in prep courses around the country and is used each year by hundreds of thousands of students.

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