PSAT Courses


This 4-week PSAT prep course covers general test-taking strategies plus specific tactics for each section of the test: reading, math, and writing skills. Each week students complete a PSAT exam for homework, and in class we completely analyze those tests, stressing the strategies that the students learned the week before.

This course is offered in July, August, and from mid-September to mid-October. The summer courses are ideal for students who want to start their PSAT/SAT preparation when they have more free time and aren’t busy with schoolwork. We can always work around vacation schedules, so that students can take some classes in July and some in August. Students who miss a class during the summer can always make it up in the fall.

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This 6-week PSAT prep course is intended for students who want more preparation and practice than is available in the Introduction to the PSAT. The extra time allows students to complete two additional PSAT exams and master more fully the tactics and strategies that are taught in the 4-week course. 

This course is offered in the fall during the six weeks between Labor Day and the PSAT in mid-October. It is also available to students who want to take some of their classes in the summer and the rest in the fall.

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In addition to being the Preliminary SAT, the PSAT also serves as the qualifying test in the National Merit competition. This special more advanced 6-week course is limited to students who feel that they have the potential (with sufficient preparation) to become commended students or semifinalists in the National Merit competition. Note: The primary goal of this course is to provide students with the best possible preparation for the PSAT and to start their preparation for the SAT. If, as a result, they earn scores that qualify them for National Merit recognition (as most students did last year), that is a bonus; but there is no guarantee that any particular student will do so. 

Like the Extended PSAT Course, the Special PSAT/NMSQT course meets between Labor Day and the PSAT exam. We can also accommodate students who want to start their preparation in the summer.

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This 3-week PSAT prep course is for students who took a PowerPrep PSAT course in the summer and who want some additional review and practice right before the PSAT. It is also appropriate for juniors who prepared for the PSAT as sophomores and who want to brush up their test-taking skills.

This course meets during the last week of September and the first two weeks of October.

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