SAT Courses


This 6-week SAT prep course is intended for students who may have done some previous SAT preparation or had a little formal preparation for the PSAT.  This course teaches students all of the general test-taking strategies that are unique to the SAT.  Each week the students do an actual SAT exam for homework, trying to use the various strategies they are learning.  In class we go over that exam, stressing specific tactics for each type of critical reading, math, and writing skills questions.  Students are also given advice on the best way to approach the essay they are required to write.  As students master the strategies, their confidence builds and their scores improve, often very dramatically.

This course is offered at least four times per year, for juniors preparing to take the SAT in March, May, August and Decemberand for seniors preparing to retake the SAT in August and October.  When there is sufficient demand, the course may also be given before the June and November SATs.

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This 8-week SAT prep course is our most popular SAT course.  It is ideal for students who have never prepared for the SAT, have done some preparation for the PSAT or feel they need more than six weeks to properly prepare.  Essentially, it is a 2-week extension of the Comprehensive SAT Course.  The additional two weeks allows students to complete two more SAT exams, giving them more time to master all of the techniques that are taught in the Comprehensive course, gaining greater skills and more confidence.

This course is offered for students taking the SAT in March, May, August, October or December.

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The 4-week SAT prep course is intended for students who prepared for the SAT by taking PowerPrep's Extended or Comprehensive SAT course and are planning to retake the SAT.  Generally, students who did little or no SAT preparation before taking the SAT for the first time are better served by taking the Extended SAT Course. Just as in the Extended and Comprehensive Courses, students in the Refresher Course, review (or learn) all of the strategies they need to know in order to dramatically improve their scores and practice them on the actual SAT exams that they do for homework each week.

The SAT Refresher Course is offered in the spring for juniors who take the SAT in the fall or winter and who want to retake it in May or June.  The SAT Refresher Course is offered at the end of the summer for seniors who have taken the Extended or Comprehensive SAT course as juniors and who are planning to retake the SAT in August, October or November as seniors.

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